A Mis-Guide to Kochi

The NIAS/Exeter collaboration, ‘Performing the Periphery’ would like to invite you to an exhibition of artwork towards ‘A Kochi Mis-Guide’, and to meet some of the artists, in the Foyer of the Tata Auditorium, Thursday 11th April, from 4.00-5.30 pm.


A Mis-Guide is not a guide. It is an incitement to look again, to rub your eyes and see the city that is hiding in plain sight. It is an invitation to think about the city in ways that might have escaped notice.


This one has been made for Fort Kochi and Mattancherry by five young artists from RLV College of Music and Fine Arts, with texts by Cathy Turner, and with guidance from Keralan artist Vipin Dhanurdhuran and curator Sumitra Sunder.


We welcome artists Kunji Kuttan Narayanan, Manu Mohan Pallivathukkal, Smija Vijayan and Rithun Manohar, and are delighted to show further work by Amal Pailly.


The exhibition comprises the English text, which is being translated into Malayalam; some prints of the artworks; some original sketchbooks; and a video in Malayalam. Four of the five artists have joined us from Kerala. Their first language is Malayalam and they would welcome conversation about their work in this language. There will be bilingual speakers present who can assist in asking questions, if needed.


We eventually intend the work to be available online, and in hard copy, to be distributed in Fort Kochi and Mattancherry.


Please do come along to this informal viewing.

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