About the project


This is a network to research the politics of performance on the periphery of South Indian cities.

We will be observing and discussing performances in Bengaluru, Chennai and Kochi, across different performance forms and contexts, but always asking about the role performance is playing, or might play, in the context of urban expansion.

We are interested in both newer festivals such as the Urur-Olcott Kuppam Vizha, Chennai  and the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, and older festivals such as the Vrischchikolsavam in Kochi.

The core team of researchers are:

Prof Jerri Daboo (University of Exeter); Prof Anindya Sinha, (co-investigator, NIAS); Prof Sharada Srinivasan, (co-investigator, NIAS); Sumitra Sunder (NIAS); Prof Cathy Turner, (principal investigator, University of Exeter); Sreedhar Vijayakrishnan (NIAS) and Tile Von Damm (project partner, MOD Institute).

We are joined by a wider network of scholars at NIAS, Bengaluru.

This is a collaboration between researchers at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru; University of Exeter, UK and MOD Institute, Berlin. We are funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK.

Web links: National Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Exeter, Arts & Humanities Research Council, MOD Institute

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